Nova Health Center

Your body has an incredible ability to heal!

Symptoms are your body's way of saying that something is out of balance. We use natural methods to restore health by treating the underlying causes of an illness rather than merely masking or managing its symptoms. We design a personalized treatment plan to stimulate your body's own healing power. The result is a safe, gentle, and long-term effective treatment that strengthens your body's resistance to disease.

We are committed to enable our patients to lead longer, healthier, and more active lives through properly chosen combination of non-invasive, scientifically validated alternative therapies.

A Higher standards is what set us apart. Our approach to the well being of our patients is holistic. And we are committed to provide the best care in the world, providing a perfect combination of the most complete nutritional and dietary supplements, tissue muscle and organ testing, and chiropractic care to offer you the most complete care possible. As a result, our success rates are among the highest in the nation. This combination of experience and technology is the Nova Health Center difference, a difference you can trust!


About Bioenergetics

"You are talking to the body in a language it understands and energy signals are creating a balance effect at the cellular and molecular level.
This is true bioenergetic medicine invovling electrical, magnetic, chemical, and eventually physiological changes in the human body."

-Prof Linus Pauling
2 time Nobel Prize Winner
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